Aluminum and Automatic Doors in Perth

Aluminum and Auto Revolving Doors in Perth

We must always look for a secure environment to live and work in and our doors always stand vulnerable. Whether it is a residential or a commercial building, it is the doors that are tested time and again, which is why we must secure them first to ensure proper living.

Com-Al Windows knows that your doors are important, which is why it brings you the best quality aluminum doors for your commercial space. Com-Al Windows takes pride in designing, manufacturing, and installing premium aluminum doors and automatic doors in Perth, Western Australia.

Aluminum is lightweight, durable, and offers a wide range of options for customization. The weight of aluminum is almost one-third the weight of steel. All of these make it a great material for doors. Com-Al Windows boasts of an exclusive range of aluminum doors in Perth for commercial buildings and public buildings.

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    Com-Al Windows: Aluminum Doors in Perth

    When it comes to aluminum doors, Com-Al Windows offers a list of aluminum doors that are built to perfection for your commercial space. Here are some of our products:

    Hinged Doors

    Hinged doors are often referred to as the most common doors in existence. A hinged door is designed either left or right-handed and has 2-4 hinges on the vertical long edge of the door. In addition, the hinged doors can be fitted to swing inwards or outwards. The hinged doors come in numerous varieties including light commercial hinged doors, architectural hinged doors, thermally broken hinged doors, and more.

    Some main features of hinged doors from the house of Com-Al Windows are:

    These doors are affordable.

    Can be single or double glazed.

    Can be non-thermally broken or thermally broken.

    Can be powder coated or anodized.

    Comes with many different styles of handles.

    Has a range of locking systems that can be integrated.

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    Automatic doors in Perth

    Sliding Doors

    Sliding doors are those which open and close by sliding horizontally, which is most often parallel to the wall. The sliding doors are either mounted on the track underneath or driven from a track above. Sliding automatic doors are also quite common in Australian commercial buildings and those other parts of the world. The sliding doors are one of the best options if you want to go for automatic aluminum doors for your commercial space in Perth. Linear sliding doors, Telescopic sliding doors, and Curved sliding doors are some of the main types of sliding doors that Com-Al Windows offer.

    Some of the main reasons why sliding aluminum doors in Perth from Com-Al Windows are the best options for commercial buildings in Australia are:

    • The sliding aluminum auto doors are durable.
    • They are architecturally stylish.
    • These doors save a lot of space.
    • The aluminum sliding doors are energy-efficient.
    • They integrate the indoor with the outdoor space.

    Pivot Doors

    A pivot door is a door that rotates on a vertical axis or a spindle. While on a hinged door, the hinge is on one side of the door, the pivot doors rotate on a pivot hinge system and a top pivot. However, the pivot hinge system remains mortised inside the bottom of the door and the top pivot is mortised inside the top of the door, both of which are not detectable on the finished door.

    You can always go for aluminum pivot doors from Com-Al Windows because pivot doors will offer you:

    • A robust and visually stunning appearance.
    • They are great space-savers.
    • Convenient for moving objects in and out.
    • The pivot doors offer an excellent outdoor view.
    • They are highly customizable.
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    Folding and Bi-Folding Doors in perth

    Folding and Bi-Folding Doors

    Folding doors are those that open and close by folding and in sections or panels. Often called bi-fold or bi-folding doors, folding doors generally slide open in two or more parts. These doors are usually made up of a series of panels that fold up against the wall like a concertina. Though single leaf doors are more common in modern buildings, bi-fold doors are really convenient if space is a concern. These bi-folding doors can be built as internal or external bi-folding doors. The bi-folding doors are an excellent choice if you have areas that you want to integrate from inside to outside of your commercial building or office.

    Whether it is an interior or an exterior bi-folding door, both of them have a simple tracking system that runs along with the panels, which are connected on a train. Thus, these doors fold in on themselves and then glide along with the tracking system via a series of wheels or a lower tracking system. This leads to smoothness in operation without much noise.


    Auto Revolving Doors

    Com-Al Windows is regarded as a market leader when it comes to revolving doors. The revolving doors that we offer are primarily designed in Australia and manufactured around the world. To underline the most important features of these revolving doors:

    • Heavy duty direct drive motor system – The heavy duty direct drive motor system, which we use in place of a rubber belt drive system that can wear easily, makes our revolving doors consistent, quiet and reliable,
    • Full range of concealed infrared and contact safety sensorsCom-Al Windows don’t have rubber bumper style sensors, which can detract from the appearance of the doors, but instead, we use concealed infrared and contact safety sensors
    • Frameless glass centre carousel design – Com-Al Windows uses frameless glass centre carousel design to support very large diameters and door heights too
    • Standard downlights – Com-Al Windows offers standard downlights in the centre rotating ceiling along with other custom lighting options.
    • Structural silicon seals – The structural silicon seals that Com-Al Windows uses are better than the rubber seals.
    • Folded Pressings – Com-Al Windows believes in folding over all of the pressings in order to hide the exposed edges.
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    Com-Al Windows: Automatic Doors in Perth

    Among all other commercial doors, automatic doors are largely used now extensively for commercial purposes. The automatic doors operate via movement sensors and open only when activated and close automatically to reduce the total time that they are opened. The aluminum automatic doors also prevent air-conditioning to escape outside and prevent the air and dust to enter indoors. This effectively contributes to energy-saving and can significantly reduce the annual costs of heating and cooling. This is why the aluminum automatic doors from Com-Al Windows will be a great addition to your commercial building/office.

    Com-Al Windows is known for the automatic doors it designs in Perth. All of these automatic doors are engineered, designed, and tested to meet Australian standards.

    Two of the major variants of automatic doors are framed and unframed automatic doors.

    Framed Automatic Doors

    Framed Automatic Doors

    Framed automatic doors are doors that are equipped with frames. Framed automatic doors look magnificent for office spaces. Due to the aluminum frames fastened to the doors, the framed doors are more secure and reliable. These doors are a great advantage to have when installed in windy areas or if the doors are subjected to strong winds. Besides, the framed automatic doors should also be a wiser choice for areas subject to greater weather conditions. Here are some of the prominent features of the framed automatic doors:

    • Framed automatic doors offer better air and water insulation.
    • They are more secure and long-lasting.
    • The framed doors are able to be locked more securely.

    Unframed Automatic Doors

    Unframed or Frameless Automatic doors are the kinds of automatic doors that do not have frames around them. These doors are more cost-effective and stylish because they don’t have any frames bordering them. Here’s a look at the features of unframed automatic doors:

    • Unframed automatic doors offer an unobstructed view outside.
    • They are sleek in design.
    • The frameless doors are architecturally stylish and suited to showrooms and entrances with an impressive statement.
    Unframed Automatic Door

    Why should you choose Com-Al Windows to Get the Best Aluminum and Automatic Doors in Perth?

    Based in Perth, Australia, Com-Al Windows is one of the major manufacturers, designers, and installers of commercial glass and cyclonic, automatic and aluminum doors in Perth. The aluminum doors, automatic doors, and curtain walling systems offered by Com-Al Windows are effective and can be built keeping in mind the latest trends in the commercial doors and windows industry. In addition to this Com-AL Windows can offer cyclone-proof hinged doors, swing doors and auto sliding doors

    Established in 1970, Com-Al Windows is one of the oldest suppliers of commercial doors and windows in Perth and in and around Western Australia. It has installed a wide variety of automatic aluminum doors in Western Australia, which includes revolving, auto sliding and swing doors, bi-parting, single sliding, and stacking. All of our commercial aluminum and automatic doors in Perth are installed after they are thoroughly tested in NATA accredited laboratories, which makes them stand out from the rest.

    Along with the aluminum doors, automatic doors and windows, Com-Al Windows also offers an array of other products including:

    • Aluminum Windows.
    • Commercial Glass to meet any specification – Toughened, Laminated, Double Glazed Units, Color back, Fritted and Cyclonic Glass.
    • Roof Lites.
    • Aluminum Window Extrusion Systems – non-thermally broken and thermally broken.
    • Toughened Glass Assemblies.
    • Curtain Wall systems.
    • Facade cladding.
    • Stainless steel cable truss, and spider fitting glazing systems.
    • Internal partitions and more.

    Some of the main reasons why Com-Al Windows stand as the best options when it comes to aluminum doors and automatic doors in Perth are:

    • Creation of individual design proposals that are tailor-made as per clients’ requirements.
    • Complete shop drawings for clients’ approval.
    • Submission and approval of all the necessary samples.
    • Guarantees on metal, finish supplier, structural glazing, and more.
    • Designing and testing all of the products as per the Australian standards.