Thermally Broken Window Frames in Perth

The windows are really important as structures for all commercial buildings or offices. These windows not only differ in shape and size but also in making rooms energy-efficient. Commercial glass windows and doors with aluminium frames are becoming increasingly popular due to their stylish looks, easy maintenance, and efficiency.


Windows with aluminium frames are often chosen today because of their customisable nature and energy efficiency they provide. They not only perform remarkably well in the heating and cooling of the room but lift the overall performance of the whole building as well.


What are Thermally Broken Window Frames?


Thermally broken windows have got their name due to the thermal break or insulation that is found within the frame. This insulation (or polyamide strip) is placed inside the gap that is found in the structure of the windows, between the inner and outer frames.


Just like our homes, our windows have a thermal break: insulation built within the frame, which makes a big impact on the overall performance of your window.


Insulation within a window is referred to as a “thermal break”. The thermal break is a continuous barrier between the inside and outside window frames that prevent conductive thermal energy loss. The barrier securely bonds the interior and exterior metal frames of the window sash. This thermal break creates thermal energy loss resistance and combined with double glazed Low E Argon filled glazing, keeps the interior space of your window at a more comfortable temperature. When your windows have a comfortable temperature, you have a comfortable temperature. The colder the window frame the greater the conductive current. Cold windows draw heat from your body, creating that “drafty” feeling, which never allows us to feel warm. So, if your windows are warm, they are not stealing your much-needed body heat from you, allowing you and your home, to remain warm.


It is the window frames that affects the energy efficiency of windows and doors, which also includes double glazed systems. These windows will significantly contribute to the overall insulation. Efficient wall and ceiling insulation along with these windows will further help maximize the insulation and efficiency of the buildings, and offices.


Com-Al Windows is one of the most reliable designers, manufacturers and installers of thermally broken aluminium window frames in Perth, which offers a wide collection of aluminium frames complimenting the selection of Low E glass to further enhance the thermal performance of your building.


thermal broken window in perth

Main Features of Windows with Thermally Broken Frames:


Thermally broken windows or windows with thermally broken frames in Perth is almost a buzzword, but do you really know how to identify thermally broken frames?


Let’s have a look at some of the most important characteristics of thermally broken window frames:


  • Thermally broken frames involves the usage of a reinforced polyamide strip, which is a non-metallic, composite, structural, material that is fixed between the inner and outer aluminium profiles, resulting in the formation of an insulated barrier within the window frame.
  • They have a slimmer and smarter profile.
  • Windows with thermally broken frames are secure against water penetration
  • They can be built with a low maintenance powder-coated aluminium exterior and interior
  • They enables optimum ventilation but restricts the concentration of humidity




Choose Com-Al Windows for Excellent Thermally Broken

Window Frames for Commercial Windows!


Aluminium is known for its excellent thermal conductivity, which means that the frames greatly influence the amount of heat and cold conducted. This may compromise the performance of even double-glazed windows.


This is why a thermal break is needed for the window frames. The thermal break technology introduces a reinforced polyamide bar within the inner and outer part of the aluminium profiles, which creates an insulated barrier within the frame. With the help of the thermally broken frames, the conduction of heat, cold and noise will be multiple times lesser when compared to the standard aluminium.


The commercial aluminium windows, doors and curtainwalls from Com-Al Windows will help keep rooms as energy efficient as you have always wanted them to be. The thermally broken window frames and glass combinations from Com-Al Windows Pty Ltd, which includes commercial and cyclonic glasses, toughened, laminated, double-glazed, switchable glasses and more, are all tested under certified Australian facilities and are compliant with Australian standards. Even auto doors are able to have thermally broken frames!


Major Benefits Thermally Broken Window Frames Offer:


If you are wondering why else you should choose Com-Al Windows Pty Ltd as your provider, then here are some of the other benefits that the thermally broken windows with thermally broken window frames provide:


  • Thermally broken window frames add much to the overall energy efficiency
  • Thermally broken window frames are durable and last longer
  • They need less maintenance
  • They are resistant to corrosion
  • They reduce the risk of condensation
  • Thermally broken windows and doors help reduce the carbon footprint
  • They provide great acoustic insulation
  • They come in a range of powdercoated colours (Interpon and Dulux)
  • They can highly customized

thermally broken windows in perth