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The doors are responsible for building the very first impression, and it is the primary opportunity where you can stand apart from your rivals. So, without missing out on the same you can trust our reliable door solutions.

Com-Al Windows Pty Ltd is one of the big names in Australia, the Middle East, and Asia distinguished for the uniquely designed, elegant commercial doors, windows, and curtain walling systems it provides. With us, you will get matchless doors that will all be tailor-made to perfection according to your specifications.

Whether you are looking to install aluminum doors, commercial sliding doors, commercial bifold doors, frameless glass doors, cyclonic doors, cyclonic auto doors, or any other doors that you think fit to be installed in front or inside your building, Com-Al Windows Pty Ltd is your destination.

Now, let’s browse through some of our products:

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors or aluminum sliding doors are really versatile and functional and are one of the most preferable choices for today’s households. These doors can bring a solid aesthetic appearance to your rooms. Made with commercial-grade hardware and stainless steel fixings, these doors can smoothly slide left or right. Besides, with the easy glide adjustable roller system that guides the slides, sliding will be simple and permanent. Besides, they can be designed, fabricated, and installed as per your requirements. Some of the key highlights of these doors are:

  1. The sliding doors are glazed as per AS1288.
  2. These doors come in acoustic, laminated, and toughened glass options to choose from.
  3. You can go for a single or a double glazed option.
  4. These possess an air-conditioned rating as per AS2047.

Aluminum Bifold Doors

Aluminum bifold doors are unique in their appeal and robust too. Besides, they can be tailored to your requirements as well. All of our aluminum doors use commercial-grade hardware and are versatile and functional, just as you want them to be. Furthermore, in each of our doors, the glass remains fixed and fully enclosed within the beaded stiles and rails of the door panel. These are also built with hidden casters.

  1. The aluminum sliding doors are glazed as per AS1288.
  2. You can opt from our acoustic, laminated, and toughened glass options.
  3. The bi-folding doors can be powder coated in an array of diverse colors.
  4. You would also get a commercial lockset with your preferred model.
  5. You can keep it single glazed or double glazed.
  6. We offer a slim frame profile for an increased viewing area.
  7. You would also be getting internal handles to enjoy added security.
  8. These would be devoid of the sliding mullion or black rubber seals for enhanced elegance.
  9. You can enjoy a single key option for multiple door systems.
  10. Lastly, they can be designed, fabricated, and installed according to your requirements.

Cyclonic Compliance:

We ensure that our doors, windows, and screening systems are foolproof against cyclonic storms and are built accordingly to resist them. Our cyclonic windows, doors, and screening systems undergo extensive independent NATA accredited testing and prove strong against all the adverse impacts of structural, water, debris, and more, which they are often prone to in cyclone regions.

Our Unique Services:

If you are wondering why we are known as the best doors and windows contracting service providers and claim ourselves to be a step ahead of all the companies that surround you, then here’s a look at all the benefits you will reap with us:

Get Top of the Line Products

We believe in using the best quality raw materials crafted to perfection by expert craftsmen and carpenters to bring out the best imaginable product of its kind.

Choose from a Wide Range of Designs

When it comes to designs we promise a unique and exhaustive mix of classic and trendy designs that would help you install the doors that you have longed for all these years, which will separate you from the rest.

Enjoy Long-Lasting Infrastructures

Doors are something that is very much integral to any building, office, or apartment, which are not only essential but infrastructures that carry the brand image with them. Investing over and over again in the installation and maintenance of such structures is a strict no-no. We understand that, which is why we put in extra efforts in designing robust frameworks that are capable of enduring the test of time.

Personalized Designs

Unlike other contractors who let you choose your door only from a selected set of colors and designs, Com-Al Windows Pty Ltd offers you an exhaustive list of doors along with further options for customizations. Yes, with us you can make your own doors via our expert designers without any hassles!

Experience Cost-effective Services

If you are planning to install premium doors but is the cost that you are worried about? Then, dissolve your worries this moment because Com-Al Windows Pty Ltd offers the best doors you can get without breaking your banks.

On-Time Delivery and Hassle-Free Installation

When it comes to doors, waiting is really what you need to omit because they play an integral part in keeping the whole structure together. So, worry not because we promise our deliveries on time along with a meticulous installation!

Bid Adieu to Maintenance Worries

Maintenance is the core of keeping things perfect, and you don’t want to lose the coveted looks of your doors, do you? But are you worrying about all those maintenance costs that would be heaped in on you with the passage of years? Then, just leave them be because we pledge to build the best-in-class designs that are robust and need little to no maintenance.

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