Bi-Fold Doors Framed and Frameless Glass in Perth

Bi-Fold Doors Framed and Frameless Glass



Bi-Fold doors have always been the center of attraction for both residential and commercial buildings. These types of doors offer maximum space and visibility in a room and seemlessly push out into the outdoor alfresco area. These doors are able to fold back into a small space, require minimal maintenance and increase the value of your property.


Benefits of Bi-fold Doors


Bi-fold doors, as their name says, can be folded into two parts. Also known as folding doors or accordion doors, Bi-fold doors enhance the overall ambiance, add to the value and prove to be space-saving too.


A Bi-fold door comprises multiple sections, which fold into one side of the frame of the door to open and close. They don’t swing in and out, much like many other doors.


The bi-fold doors are best to be chosen for room arrangements that are host to large windows but don’t have space enough for the doors so that they can swing open. They are thus, wonderful options for a balcony or patio.


Bi-fold doors are commonly used to achieve a seamless inside/outside feeling to an Alfresco area. Architects often use this combination to achieve an indoor/outdoor area for Café dining and outside eating areas. This concept has been used recently on the Karrinyup Shopping Centre Redevelopment, One Subiaco eateries on the Ground Floor, The Perth Museum, Yagan Square, and many other buildings that Com-AL Windows has completed recently.


Kinds of Bi-fold Doors



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Bi-fold doors are made of many different kinds. Based on appearance, these doors can mainly be of two types:

Framed bi-fold doors

Frameless bi-fold doors


Just as the name goes, the framed bi-fold doors have frames but the frameless bi-fold doors are not entirely without frames but only have an outer frame made up of aluminium components. The aluminium frames are provided with frameless doors to provide strength to the whole structure.


Framed Bi-fold doors


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The bi-fold doors with frames are designed with visible frames. A usual aluminium bi-fold door is fitted with all the panels connected. These panels are fitted together in such a way that they slide and fold in a concertina fashion. Therefore, these doors have a hinged action.


Frameless Bi-fold doors


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Frameless bi-fold doors are doors that are designed with only an outer aluminium frame for structural integrity. These doors have frames, but the frames for them don’t appear as vivid as they are for the framed doors.


The opening and closing process of frameless bi-folding doors is also quite different from the usual folding doors. Contrary to the framed bi-fold doors, in the frameless bi-fold doors, we have separate door panels that can move independently.


The frameless bi-fold doors have slimline proportions at the door edges, which means that the door hinges cannot be fixed. This is one of the main reasons why the operation of these doors is different. These doors have a pivoting action and are not hinged.


Both the framed and frameless bi-fold doors look amazing and can bring in a lot more than the aesthetic appearance that you have dreamt of all the time. The framed, as well as the frameless Bi-fold doors, come in a lot of glass variations that you can select these options with Com-Al Windows Pty Ltd.


Com-Al Windows designs, manufactures, and installs cutting-edge commercial aluminium doors and windows in Perth, which come in a variety of glass options including commercial, cyclonic glass, toughened, laminate glass, and more, all of which can be tailored to your requirements.

Choosing Com-Al Windows for Bi-Fold Doors (Framed and Frameless Glass) that Offer an Array of Benefits!

By choosing bi-fold doors from Com-Al Windows, you open the door to a room full of benefits. Some of the prominent advantages of going for them are:


Natural Light, Productivity and Value

As mentioned earlier, the bi-fold doors both framed and frameless brings a substantial amount of natural light in. This helps boost the value, positivity and productivity of the buildings.


Airflow and Ventilation

Ventilation is a major part of any building. However, with bi-fold doors, you need not worry about your room not being airy enough because they will be so without any doubts. Unlike the traditional swing doors, with effective commercial bi-fold doors from Com-Al, you would be able to keep them opened, closed, partially opened, and more, thereby enhancing the overall ventilation.


Improved Access – Recessed Tracks


Accidents are bound to happen, however, some of them can be saved by using frameless glass systems with recessed tracks. Unlike the protruding lip that the usual sliding glass doors used to have, with Bi-fold doors installed in your commercial building, pedestrians can move about freely without the risk of tripping up.


Some of the other benefits of bi-fold doors are:


They are stylish in appearance.

Allow seamless integration from outside to inside.

They increase the property value.

They offer good protection against the outside weather.

Provide increased ventilation.

Low maintenance.

Provide for the creation of Alfresco areas.


With over 52 years of experience in the window industry, Com-Al Windows is the best solution you are looking for commercial doors, Bi-fold doors, windows, and curtainwall systems. Get safety, quality, and integrity to your desired levels with us. So call or email us now!