CurtainWall Facade Systems in Perth

CurtainWall Facade Systems in Perth


Curtain Wall Façade systems are used throughout the world to provide a cost-effective envelope to a building. These systems are can be thermally broken or traditional non-thermal break. A variety of commercial glass can be used in this application such as tough laminat, Low E, Soft Coat Low E glass, and double glazed units with many combinations of Glass. Curtain wall systems are required to safeguard the residents of a building from exterior weather conditions, however hot or cold it may be outside. The curtain wall systems are mostly form out of materials like glass and aluminum and form have the outer walls of the building.

Due to the wide range of benefits that the curtain walls offer, these structures have grown to be a popular choice in and around Australia along with countless other regions across the globe, when it comes to offices and other buildings. Besides, if you are living in Perth, then it’s even less of a hassle because you will have the expertise of Com-Al Windows, one of the oldest and the leading suppliers of curtain wall systems in Perth along with commercial windows, cyclonic aluminum windows, doors, auto doors and much more.


The curtain walling systems that Com-Al Windows provide in Perth come in a wide array of designs that satisfies all of the needs of the Australian residents who live in and around Perth. Here are 2 of the prominent products that Com-Al Windows offer:


CW150 Curtain Wall

The CW150 curtain wall is known to provide a robust and flexible curtain wall solution and it generally is best suited for small to mid-size curtain walling projects. CW150 curtain wall is optimum for buildings that are up to 10 stories in height. This curtain wall system boasts of a superior design and can also be trusted even for larger projects if the wind loads permit.

The installation of the CW150 curtain wall in Perth is offered as a fully test system because it goes through the strict AS4284 testing regime and fosters the development of building and mullion brackets along with it. This assists the installation of CW150 as a system that is fully test and doesn’t require separate engineer brackets for each project.

Furthermore, in this curtain wall product, sun shading is directly integrated into the curtain wall system, and this is without compromising on the structural and water performance of the system. Besides, there will be proprietary brackets that will be designed to enable the fitting of the vertical or horizontal sunshade on the mullions directly.


Advantages of CW150 Curtain Wall


  • Dimensions – The dimensions of the frame of CW150 are 150mm x 75mm.
  • Appearance – CW150 adds a neat, and modern appearance to your exteriors due to its forward-positioned glazing pocket
    • It comes double glazed as standard along with some single glazing and spandrel options that can be availed using inlay beads.
    • The product will have structurally glazed vertical mullions
    • Performance – The CW150 curtain wall in Perth comes with proprietary sunshade brackets integrat into the frame without inhibiting the structural or water performance
      • The product is a fully test system with proprietary building brackets
      • Though CW150 is design and test as a wet glazed paneled system to AS4284, it can also be install dry-glazed and non-paneled in case AS2047 is specifying on certain projects.
  • Compatibility – It is further compatible with 419 150mm DG framing system providing a consistent look across your project



CW116 Curtain Wall

CW116 is a test system that can be use in small and mid-sized projects, as per the requirements of AS4284. The CW116 curtain wall system is often one of the best choices for buildings that are up to 10 stories when it comes to standard applications. However, it may also be use for even greater heights if the wind pressure and the project design permit it.

CW116 is offer as a full engineer system with mullion brackets within height and width parameters. This helps the CW116 to be install as a fully test system and would not need to have independently engineered brackets for each project.

Among other key features of CW116, this curtain walling system can integrate sun-shading directly into the frame without compromising the structural or water performance. The CW116 curtain wall in Perth boasts both single and double glazing capabilities and is the ideal aluminum glazing system for your next project.


Advantages of CW116 Curtain Wall


  • Dimensions – The dimensions of the frame of CW116 are 116mm x 65mm.
  • Appearance – The structurally glazed system that the CW116 curtain wall makes the curtain wall appear like a frameless glass façade.
    • CW116 can be double glazed during standard projects and procedures. However, it also comes with numerous other single glazed options.
  • Performance – CW116 comes with a sunshade bracket system, which helps in attaching the shading products to the frame without having to worry about structural or water performance.
    • The CW116 has proprietary mullion and building brackets, which extends a fully tested system for the users
  • Design – The product is design and tested as a structurally glazed paneled system to AS4284.