Aluminum Window Extrusion in Perth

Aluminium Window Extrusion

Almost all of the talks about modern-day commercial doors and windows, revolve around aluminium doors and windows, and definitely, there are reasons for the same. Aluminium is a lightweight metal, which is strong, long-lasting, affordable, and resistant to corrosions.


Besides, aluminium is one such metal that can be easily beaten into sheets, rolled into wires, extruded, and can also be polished, anodised, or coated by any other metal or alloy to bring out just the kind of visual spectacle or suit the aestheticism of a place that you want. Along with all these advantages, aluminium also advocates sustainability because it can be readily recycled. This is why aluminium stands as the primary metal that is often combined with glass to create robust and awe-inspiring doors and windows. Com-Al Windows also relies largely on aluminium as a metal in order to create design, manufacture, and install aluminum doors, windows, aluminium window extrusions, curtain walling systems, and more with commercial and cyclonic glass.


What is Aluminum Extrusion?

Aluminium extrusion can be defined as the process of forcing the aluminium alloy material through a die with a specific cross-sectional profile. In this process, aluminium is pushed through the die by a powerful ram, through which it comes out in the exact shape as that of the die.


Angels, channels, and round tubes are some of the common shapes in which the aluminium extrusion is found. When it comes to the categories of aluminium extrusions, then they are of 3 main kinds – solid, hollow, and semi-hollow.

Com-Al Windows: Major Kinds of Aluminum Window Extrusions

Com-Al Windows is one of the best manufacturers, designers, and installers of aluminium doors and windows including aluminium window extrusions, which are built with the latest technology and boast of being trendy in design. Based in Perth, Western Australia, Com-Al Windows offers an array of aluminium window extrusions to suit your purpose. Some of the major kinds of aluminium extrusions are:


  • Solid Extrusion – Solid extrusions lack any void or openings and are built like rods, beams, or angles.
  • Hollow Extrusion – Hollow extrusions are built with one or more voids and resemble the shape of square or rectangular tubes.
  • Semi-hollow Extrusion – Semi-hollow extrusions have partially enclosed voids, and resemble a “C” channel with a narrow gap.

Choose Com-Al Windows for the Best Aluminum Window Extrusions!

The Com-Al Windows aluminum window extrusions in Perth are built in specialized extrusion manufacturing facilities that provide technical information along with in-house facilities to aid the designing and production of extruded profiles that are specific to the customers’ requirements. The extrusion manufacturing units of Com-Al Windows offer the best quality profiles that are unique and will serve their purpose fully.

The Com-Al Windows aluminum window extrusions in Perth serve numerous applications, and can thus be used in a wide range of industries like architectural, automotive, marine, electrical, general engineering, road and transport, and more.

Some of the major advantages of choosing aluminum extrusion systems from Com-Al Windows in Perth area are:

  • They are lightweight in nature.
  • They exhibit excellent corrosion-resisting properties.
  • Com-Al Windows aluminum window extrusions are strong.
  • They are strong even at low temperatures.
  • They are durable.
  • They are non-toxic.
  • Aluminum window extrusions from Com-Al Windows are non-magnetic.
  • Their surfaces can be treated easily, without any hassles.
  • Installing aluminum window extrusion from Com-Al Windows is pocket-friendly.

If you are still wondering why Com-Al Windows should be the first priority while going for aluminum window extrusions, then it is important to mention that Com-Al Windows tailor-makes the requirements, guarantees on metal, finishes, glazing, and more, and most importantly, the aluminum window extrusions of Com-Al Windows in Perth are all designed and tested as per the Australian standards. So, worry not and grab the best aluminum window extrusions in Perth area here with us!