Commercial Glass and How it Differs from Residential Glass

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Commercial glass differs from residential or regular glass in more ways than one. Commercial glass is designed to endure harsh climates and the weathering that offices and buildings may be exposed to.

Three main materials that are used to produce commercial glass include sand (SiO2 silica), limestone (calcium carbonate or CaCo3) and sodium carbonate (Na2CO3).

If you are looking for the most optimum glass for your commercial building, office or revamping of your shopfront that might require sliding windows, sliding doors, bifold doors, frameless glass doors, etc. in Perth or anywhere else in Australia, then commercial glass should be your first choice.

Here’s how commercial glass is different from residential:


Framing and Glass Types


Commercial buildings are generally taller and more complex than residential houses. Hence, they need to withstand harsher weather conditions and higher wind pressures. Commercial glass is therefore built with more complex varieties of glass such as toughened laminated, Low E, or double glazed. To install and support this type of glass heavy-duty curtainwall framing may be required and our drafting/design team is able to assist in the architectural design you require.


Installation Procedure and Time Taken


Commercial glass takes a significant amount of time to be installed due to the glass being stronger, thicker, and weighing more than residential glass. Furthermore, this type of glass needs highly skilled commercial glaziers to ensure that it is installed correctly. However, if you are finding it difficult to decide what you should buy or how you will install the commercial glass, then you can always get in contact with Com-Al Windows Pty Ltd.




Commercial glass is significantly different in terms of design from residential glass. Commercial buildings also require a higher energy rating when it comes to the National Construction Code. Commercial glass is designed to reflect heat and light so that the internal temperature is more stable, more efficient to air-condition, and ensures that the level of light inside the building is in line with its intended design purpose.




Commercial glass exhibits excellent properties of superior strength, energy efficiency, and durability, and keeps the ongoing cost of operation for the building at a lower level. This is why Commercial glass is generally more costly than residential glass.


With Com-AL Windows Pty Ltd, you will get a wide variety of commercial glass options that you can use for your building or office. Com-Al Windows Pty Ltd has been in business for over 50 years offering complex designs, fabrication and installation services to the market.  So call or email us now to understand the benefits of commercial glass for your next project.

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