Cyclonic Glass: How are They Produced and Why do you Need Them this Cyclone Season?

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Cyclones may not be a regular phenomenon all around the world, but wherever it occurs, it wreaks havoc. For instance, the Western part of Australia is among the most notorious places where cyclone is a somewhat regular phenomenon during the cyclonic season, which starts in November and continues till the end of April.


Cyclones are not only a terror to the people but are dreadful for their properties too. Therefore, the buildings and apartments that fall in the cyclonic region need to build in accordance with the appropriate standards. The Australian construction industry, thus, abides by the Australian Standards for Cyclonic Compliance, which determines the minimum thickness and the construction of the building walls, glasses, and more.


Com-Al Windows Pty Ltd is a reputed designer, installer, and manufacturer of commercial glasses, cyclonic glasses, aluminium doors and windows, curtainwalls, and more, which offers premium quality commercial aluminum windows and doors, with a diverse combination of glasses in Australia.


Cyclonic glass is one latest innovations and has become one of the primary structures you need to be equipped with if you are living in and around the northwest Australian coastline or any other cyclone-prone areas around the globe. If you are wondering why then we will learn how cyclonic glasses are produced and more about cyclonic glasses in this article ahead.


What is Cyclonic Glass?


Cyclonic glass is a specific type of glass that is designed to resist high cyclonic wind speeds and endure penetration from flying debris. These glasses have laminated interlayers that reinforce commercial buildings and their residents from accidents and injuries.


Well, we all know that the walls are strong, but most of us fear our windows giving in. With convincing cyclonic glasses from Com-Al Windows, however, you wouldn’t have to worry about compromising your windows and doors, which will actively support the structural integrity of commercial buildings and complexes.


The cyclonic glasses from Com-Al Windows Pty Ltd are built with cutting-edge glazing interlayers – PVB and SGP, which keeps them ahead of most other glasses in terms of performance and durability. These glasses are tested by firing a projectile at the glass, the results of which have satisfied the results deemed by Australian standards. They are tested at Azuma Design in Sydney, a NATA-accredited testing facility.



How is Cyclonic Glass Formed?


Cyclonic glass is a thick form of glass that is glazed to the right thickness as determined by the AS1288 standard. The manufacturing process of these glasses is marked by the usage of a specially formulated ultra-high grade laminate that is capable of absorbing the impact of the debris without tearing or breaking the window envelope.


A List of Advantages Cyclonic Glass Offers!


Along with being extremely secure in cyclonic conditions, cyclonic glasses also offer numerous benefits. Some of the prominent advantages of using cyclonic glasses are discussed below:



  • They help protect buildings and residents from cyclonic winds and debris
  • Cyclonic glasses offer clear vision, without the requirement of storm shutters or screens
  • They are built to withstand huge force without perforation
  • These glasses offer convincing insulation against noise
  • They are available in many different types like Low E glass
  • These glasses can be cut into various sizes and types
  • The cyclonic glasses also offer decent protection against the UV rays
  • They can also handle strong water pressures
  • The cyclonic glasses can be glazed into a variety of frames



If you are all set to buy cyclonic glasses for your commercial building, office, or apartment, then Com-Al Windows is the place to go. We not only bring in 52+ years of experience in the windows, doors, and glass industry, and offer first-rate materials, but also offer contemporary styles to fit the changing requirements of the dwellers.


Besides, when it comes to cyclonic glasses, you can rest assured of the quality because our cyclonic glasses go through the Simulated Wind Driven Debris Impact Test, which is a test where missiles are passed through the glasses, which are deemed fit only when the results match the Australian standards.

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