How do you install a commercial glass door frame?

What are the differences between toughened glass and heat strengthened glass

Commercial glass doors need no introduction. Glass has always been deemed fit as a material that is used for the construction of commercial doors and windows in offices and commercial buildings and complexes. It is one such material that lends an aesthetic appeal to an office or commercial building along with helping it withstand wear and tear and harsh, even cyclonic weather conditions.

Though installing commercial glass doors and windows made out of tempered glass, and other forms of safety and cyclonic glasses, which are energy-efficient, safe, robust, and trendy in appeal, sounds exciting, the installation of them is not as easy as one might think.

Com-Al Windows is one of the most reputed designers, manufacturers, and installers of commercial glass doors, auto doors, windows and curtain walling systems. Based in Perth, Western Australia, Com-Al Windows brings commercial glass to the varied requirements of the individuals and commercial offices based out of Perth and other parts of Australia and Asia. So, if you looking to install a commercial glass door with a frame, then you can reach out to Com-Al Windows. However, if you are wondering about how commercial glass doors and frames are installed, then here are some vital things you need to know!


Some Important Pre-installation Care Tips for Installing

Commercial Glass Door Frames!

Before installing glass door frames, these are a few tips you need to bear in mind:


  • The glass door frames should only be stacked together firmly in position, inclined against a wall, and don’t keep them stacked loosely.
  • Keep them raised off the ground by placing pieces of timber or bricks underneath them, so that they can stand on them instead.
  • Never keep the frames standing against a log or a post because that way they will always run the risk of permanent damages.
  • If you work on a bare site, then choose to lay frames on the ground one on top of another, but keep in mind that you should distribute their weight evenly by keeping them in different positions.


How to Install Commercial Glass Door Frames in the Right Way?

Here are some easy ways you can follow to install glass door frames correctly:


  • It is important to fit flashing to the window surround as it is fit
  • The frame opening must be measured to make sure there is enough room for the
  • product and additional packing.
  • Stud Opening:
  • Height= O/A reveal size + adequate clearance
  • Width= O/A reveal size + adequate clearance
  • The dimensions for clearance from one manufacturer’s products to another. For adequate clearance, you can always refer to Com-Al Window.
  • The frame should not be twisted between the openings and must be plumb and square.
  • The sills should be completely supported. If they are not, then that may result in a sill roll on sliding doors or windows. The sills on all doors and windows should be straight, level, packed, and secured.
  • The aluminum windows should be secured by nailing through reveal in brick veneer applications. The timber windows can be secured by back nailing through stud, and not face of frame stud. Alternatively, galvanized building lugs should be used on cavity brick construction that should be located at 450mm maximum centres.
  • If back nailing is not possible, you can install wedges between the window and the building frame. This will prevent the opening of the frame joints when it nailing is done.
  • The sashes should be closed while the frames are installed.
  • The sill bricks should be kept at least 10 mm clear of the window frames. This will help secure the construction of the brick veneer.
  • You should not stand on the windows or doors, neither you should use them as a support for scaffolding, or slide material through the frame. While the construction is going on, you should prevent any damage to windows and doors.
  • You should not put the weight of eaves or arch bars to rest on any window or door frame. Windows and doors are not load-bearing)
  • The cement mortar and plaster droppings should be removed from doors and windows immediately. You should take care of the glass and the frames and not let them scratch. Scratching can result in permanent damages too. In case you notice scratches appearing, you should turn towards them immediately, and wash them off with water before the material sets.



Install Commercial Glass Doors and Frames Effortlessly with

Com-Al Windows!

Com-Al Windows are specialists in installing, designing, and manufacturing commercial glass doors and windows and their frames. Founded in 1970, Com-Al Windows boasts an impressive track record in the window contracting industry and can hand you over just what you need.

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