Proven Tips to Choose the Best Aluminum Windows for your Office!

Aluminium has been long chosen as one of the best materials for the construction of both residential and commercial windows and doors. The durability and the affordability of aluminium are the primary reasons why the metal has always been praised as one of the best industrial materials, however, it was only during the past couple of decades, which has shaped the metal to better suit the construction of doors and windows.

Aluminium is also one of the metals that support the construction of commercial doors and windows with cyclonic glass, specially built for the places that witness cyclonic conditions throughout the year. If you are also living in a place where cyclonic conditions are common like in Australia, then choosing cyclonic aluminium windows and doors is the safest option you can avail yourself of. Com-Al Windows is one of the best commercial glass, doors, and windows installers that can offer a wide array of commercial aluminium windows and doors and tailor them right as per needs.

Some other Advantages of Choosing Aluminium over other Metals for the Doors and Windows of your Commercial

Buildings or offices are:

  • Aluminium is really affordable – While wood was considered as the most popular material for doors and windows, it turned out to be rather expensive. Aluminium emerged as a significant alternative to fill the gap. Besides, wood requires considerable maintenance.
  • Aluminium doors and windows are easy to maintain – As we have just mentioned, aluminium is relatively easier to maintain than any other material that was used for the construction of doors and windows. Cleaning the glass and the aluminium frame once every 2 months is enough to keep the windows and doors shining.
  • It is extremely durable – Aluminium is chosen over the many other materials for its durability. Aluminium can last up to 30 years with minimum effort.
  • Aluminium can be moulded into an array of designs – Crafting the windows and doors to meet the latest design requirements is possible now with aluminium as the primary metal for the construction of commercial doors and windows.
  • It is eco-friendly – Aluminium is regarded as a 100% sustainable material. Research reveals that aluminium is non-toxic and a recyclable material that leaves a minimum ecological footprint.
  • The thermal efficiency of aluminium is impressive – Thermal efficiency is one of the factors that most offices and commercial buildings require, and aluminium windows and doors can have been proven to achieve 60% efficiency in the heat gained and lost when fitted in combination with a thermal break.

With all these benefits, aluminium is one of the most popular metals that is combined with glass to create the modern-day commercial aluminium doors and windows. Now, if you are worried about how you can choose the best aluminium windows for your office, then don’t worry because the next section deals with the same.

Smart Tips to Choose the Best Aluminium Windows for Your


Some of the proven tips for choosing the best aluminium windows for your office are:

Quality of the Frames

The frames of the windows are central to the construction of the windows because they hold the window properly in place, helping them to function in one piece. This why they need to be properly examined thoroughly before having them fitted to their desired places. You could use aluminium window extrusion systems like 100×50 and 150×50 Flushline and Centre Glazed, both with thermal breaks or without.

Design and Style of the Windows

The style and design chosen for the construction of aluminium windows need to be properly assessed before they are selected. Unlike other furniture or furnishings of the office, aluminium windows or doors are to stay, which is why a prior consideration is required before they are installed. However, with trusted manufacturers, designers and installers of aluminium windows like Com-Al Windows, you can get a wide array of designs and styles of windows, including bi-fold windows, awning, casement, sliding doors, swing doors, auto doors, revolving doors and various types of frameless glass assemblies.


The budget is really important. Everyone should have a proper estimate of the costs before diving into a new project. The budget-friendliness is one of the major reasons why aluminium is now chosen as one of the best materials for the construction of commercial windows for offices and other commercial complexes. However, you should be aware that the costs of these windows depend primarily on the design and style of the construction and the raw materials used in it.


Aluminium doors and windows are constructed as a one-time investment for the durability and security that they offer. Yes, the aluminium windows and doors do not disappoint the users for the durability it boasts of, helping it to last easily for the next 20-30 years, with the least wear and tear. However, before choosing the design of the windows to be constructed in your office or complex, always consider whether you would be needing toughened glass or cyclonic glass, and go with the aluminium doors and windows with multiple lock points. Also, you need to understand whether you would require aluminium windows that require toughened glass or laminated glass or double glazed units (DGU’s).

However, all of these considerations would be dealt with in the design process with Com-Al Windows. Based in Perth, Western Australia, Com-Al Windows Pty Ltd brings the latest machine technology and cutting-edge innovation, with which it designs, creates and installs premium commercial glass and cyclonic aluminium windows and auto doors to suit the varied needs of your office or a commercial complex. So, try their services now and enjoy the commercial windows and doors that you have always desired to possess!

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