What are the benefits of using Double glazed curtainwall and why are they different from the standard single glazed windows?

What are the benefits of using Double glazed curtainwall and why are they different from the standard single glazed windows?

Glass, being a versatile material, is used for multiple purposes all around the world. The use of glass was earlier considered risky, mainly due to the lack of awareness of the material and how it can be processed and glazed accordingly to suit the wide range of purposes that it now does.

Along with the furniture and furnishings of the house, glass is now extensively used as the primary material in the construction of the doors or windows, curtain walls, and more in residential properties and offices as well.


The glass doors and windows are not only stylish, capable of revamping the whole look of your home or office but also durable that can stand the test of time. If you are also looking to choose glass as the primary material for your doors, windows, and curtainwalls, then you should not hesitate in doing that. However, there are many technical terms like curtainwalls, glazing, single glazed, double glazed windows, and more that might confuse you in the whole process but don’t worry because here we will help you know all about them and also discuss the benefits of using double glazing.


What are Double glazing and Single Glazing?

Double glazing, as the name indicates, consists of two skins of glass or glazing, which are also known as facades that are arranged in such a way that they allow airflow in between them.


On the other hand, when it comes to single glazed windows, they use a single pane of glass for the construction of windows. Thus, these windows only have a glass pane that separates your room from the air outside.


What are Curtainwalls?

Curtainwalls can be defined as the outer walls of the buildings and offices that can be considered nonstructural units but are essential in separating the outer world from the occupants inside. They hang on the outside of buildings, similar to a curtain. It’s true that double-glazed curtainwalls are a new concept and are fast replacing the standard single glazed windows.


A Look at the Advantages of using Double Glazed Curtainwalls

Here’s why you should also opt for the double glazed curtain walls as opposed to the earlier windows that were single glazed:



The double-glazed curtainwalls are doubly coated with glass and therefore, are a great saver of energy, especially if there are air-conditioners installed.


Not too costly

Though double-glazed curtainwalls are a bit costlier than the single glazed counterparts, they are constructed with materials not as costly as you might think.


Architectural Aesthetics

Double glazed curtain walls look very professional. Curtainwalls can simply transform the look of the entire building or office floor where it will be affixed.


They remove the problems of condensation

Condensation of the glasses is quite common in the case of single glazed windows whereas it is reduced in double glazed curtainwalls. Condensation not only looks like a problem but also makes the plaster and timber deteriorate.


Where to from here?

Double glazed curtainwalls would generally suit all of your requirements. So, if you are looking for something energy efficient, and aesthetically beautiful façade and saving you cost over the long term then this is a product you must consider.

What are the benefits of using Double glazed curtainwall

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