What does Low E Glass do and why is it better than standard clear glass?

What does Low E Glass do and why is it better than standard clear glass?

Glass can truly be regarded as a versatile material for construction and architectural purposes. The building or construction industry has recognized the potential of glass way too early in the game and has grown in the ways it can be utilized for a wide range of constructions. Besides, what distinguishes glass is its constantly evolving solar and thermal performance, which is further enhanced by the low e coatings.


What is Low E Glass?

Glass is coated in a wide range of ways to make it suit various purposes. Low E coating is a special kind of coating that makes glass fit for windows and doors. The LowE glass is designed in such a way that it filters the ultraviolet and infrared rays of the sun without compromising on the amount of visible light that is received.


This type of coating was developed sometime between the late 1970s and the early 1980s. Though the door and window manufacturing companies were initially doubtful of the coating and how it would serve its purpose, it eventually was widely acclaimed all over the world. Soon it began to dominate the construction industry and turned into a favorite coating of the glass.


Why makes low e glass better than the standard clear glass?

The Low E glass is in fact a revolution in the construction industry, which modifies glass in an innovative way and helps it suit a wide range of purposes. This kind of coated glass is therefore extensively used in residential buildings and industries.


Here’s looking at some major advantages the low e coated glass have over the standard clear glass:


  • UV and IR protection – The low E glass protects the users from the harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays of the sun.
  • Cost-effective – The low E coating is not as costly as you may have presumed. It is rather highly cost-effective and better than clear glass.
  • Glare reduction – It reduces the glare from the sources of light.
  • Energy-efficient – The low E glass would filter all the heat without straining the visible light. Thus, making your room energy efficient, especially if you have to air-condition.
  • Condensation proof – The amount of condensation dramatically increases during the summers and may cause one-two many problems. However, with the low e coated glasses, this problem would nearly be a bother.


These are some of the prominent benefits from the range of benefits that the low e glasses have over the other varieties of glass like the standard glasses. So, if you steer past the initial expense of installing the low e coated glass, you would certainly reap countless long-lasting benefits for sure.