What Does an Insulating Spacer do in a Double Glazed unit?

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The aluminum and glass windows and doors have increasingly become popular since they came into being. In addition, with recent research and development that is being conducted at an amazing pace, these doors and windows are occupying a central position in commercial buildings, offices, and complexes.


Today, while looking at the commercial doors and windows, we simply cannot ignore the double glazed units. These units, just as their name says, consist of two glass panes that fit within the frames of doors and windows. The space between them is mostly filled with air or gas. It is hermetically sealed along the periphery, mechanically stable, and high in durability.


Com-Al Windows is one of the most trusted designers, manufacturers, and installers of commercial windows and doors that help ensure the highest quality aluminium glass doors, windows, thermal break window systems and curtainwalls along with a  complete selection of double glazed units.


What are the Gaps in Double Glazed Units?

Double-glazed units are distinguished for the prominent gaps that remain between the panes of glasses. These gaps not only separate the glass panes but are also known to serve as an insulating layer. The gaps or insulating spacers are they are often referred to, significantly contribute to the overall durability and insulating performance of the structure.


The double-glazed units are generally considered more energy efficient than the single glazed ones. Furthermore, these units also help in minimizing internal condensation, enhance thermal comfort and efficiently reduce the transmission of noise. Almost all of these advantages are due to the availability of the insulating spacer between the glass panes that makes up the double-glazed units.


The spacers of the double-glazed units are primarily made of metal, however various other warm edge spacers are available as well. These spacers are made out of metals like aluminium, stainless steel, or galvanized steel.


The insulating Spacers are Commonly Found in 2 Different Systems:


  • Single sealed – The spacers in the single sealed units are bonded to the glass panes with an organic sealant that helps reduce the inflow of moisture.
  • Double sealed – The spacers in the double sealed units are bonded to the glass panes with both primary and secondary sealants. Here, while the first one controls the loss of moisture and gas the other one contributes to the overall strength of the structure.


The Insulating Spacers and Their Importance in Double Glazed


The insulating spacers are certainly a key feature of the double glazed units. These gaps of insulation offer a bunch of benefits for the owners of the double glazed units.


Here’s a look at the advantages that the insulating spacers offer:


They are Great Insulators

The spacers between the glass panes of the double glazed windows and doors act as excellent insulators. The insulating properties of the spacers also highly reduce the risk of condensation.


They Make the Units Durable

Quality thermal spacers built in to form double glazed units help it become highly durable. The double glazed units manufactured and designed by Com-Al Windows are crafted with quality materials that retain the inflow of moisture, which in turn makes the overall structure last long.


They are Highly Energy-Efficient

The insulating spacers contribute to the conservation of energy. With the thermal spacers in the double glazed doors and windows of your office and/or commercial buildings, you can rest assured of an energy-efficient future.


Research says that as much as 80% of the loss of energy in a room happens through the edges of the doors and windows. It is to counter this that Com-Al Windows has designed thermally efficient commercial aluminum doors and windows that are thermally efficient.


They Make the Double Glazed Units Comfortable all Year Round

With thermally efficient designs of the double glazed units that the insulating spacers bring in, the double glazed units happen to keep the rooms cool and cozy in the summers and warm and satisfying in the winters.


They Provide Many Other Health Benefits

The insulating spacer helps the double glazed windows and doors prevent moisture from the outside and also helps reduce any risk of condensation. This makes these structures keep dry and low in humidity, thereby preventing the growth of molds and other bacteria and fungi, which often spreads numerous health hazards.


Don’t wonder why you must get double glazed units anymore, get them and reap their benefits. Also, it is important to ensure that you get quality products. Here, Com-Al Windows can be of great help. Based in Perth, Western Australia, Com-Al Windows Pty Ltd is a popular name in the commercial windows and doors segment, with commercial cyclonic glass, tempered glass, and more options of glass, windows, and doors than you can find anywhere else in and around Australia. Besides, all of the products offered by Com-Al Windows comply with Australian standards and are tried and tested under Australian facilities, which makes them a popular choice in Australia.


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