What Kind of Glass do Commercial Buildings Use?

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Glass has long been used as a construction material. Glass as a material doesn’t merely serve the purpose of beautification but has been considered for the tons of benefits it offers.

Whether it is for the construction of doors, windows, or curtainwalls, glass is extensively used in commercial buildings and offices as it is used in residential buildings.

The glass that is used in commercial buildings is of various types and forms that are used to construct an array of different commercial windows, doors, and curtainwalls. Com Al-Windows is one of the most reputed companies that manufactures, designs, and installs commercial glass doors, windows, and curtainwalls with the widest range of glass fittings in Australia.


If you are wondering about the kinds of glasses that are mainly used for commercial buildings, then the next section of the blog covers the same.


The Main Types of Glasses Used for Commercial Windows,

Doors, and Curtainwalls in Buildings


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Unlike residential buildings that use glasses, commercial buildings need to have glasses that fulfill a list of criteria that will help the place look good and professional, feel comfortable for all of them working inside, and will be energy-efficient for the office as well.


Here are some of the prominent varieties of glasses that are used in commercial buildings, especially for the construction of commercial aluminum doors, windows, and curtainwalls:


Double glazing units

Double-glazed units are structures made of two glasses that are joined together as closed units, however, they remain separated from each other by an air gap of at least 12 mm. The main advantage of using double-glazed units in commercial buildings is the outstanding thermal insulation properties they bring in, which help the office rooms retain the temperature successfully within, thereby making the place energy-efficient.


Laminated glass

Laminated glass is a transparent-looking glass alternative to ordinary glass. These glasses have a transparent PVB (Poly Vinyl Butyral) interlayer that rests between two or more panes of glasses that makes up the structure. In contrast with ordinary glass, when the laminated glass is broken, the glass do not break into dangerous shards, but they stick together instead. This prevents accidents and injuries.


Toughened glass

Toughened glass is a type of glass that undergoes controlled temperature treatment, which helps increase its strength manifold. Also known as tempered glass, toughened glass is treated to controlled heating and cooling processes, thereby making it tough and helping it last longer than most other types of glass. Tempered glass breaks into smaller bits rather than shattering into shards. This makes it safe when used in places that are largely exposed to adverse natural calamities and man-made accidents.


Sound control glass

For the requirement of containing sounds within the rooms, many offices go for sound control glasses.

Glass has a natural coincidence frequency. There is a particular pitch for all the glasses across varying thicknesses, at which they amplify the sound rather than stop it.

Acoustic laminated glasses rightly fit in this category. These glasses reflect the noise to the source and absorb the noise energy within them.

The more the thickness of the glass structure, the more is soundproofing achieved. Double and triple acoustic laminated glasses are recommended to achieve a decent level of soundproofing than single acoustic laminated glasses.

Switchable glass

Switchable glass is a kind of glass that can switch between being opaque and appearing transparent. Switchable glasses provide the privacy that an office needs of sight as soundproof glasses offer the privacy of sound.


Switchable glass is created with light exposure, heat exposure, and by the application of electricity. Photochromic, thermochromic, and electrochromic are the 3 categories of switchable glasses. These glasses are mainly used to maintain energy efficiency and privacy.


Skylight glass

Skylight glass, just as the name indicates, is a glass structure that is installed on the roofs of homes/offices, which helps skylight come through. Along with letting light come in and offering optimal energy efficiency, the skylight glasses make the space appear wider and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the interiors.


There are a whole lot of other usages of glass for commercial buildings and offices apart from the ones mentioned above, and all of them are equally effective and appealing to visitors. However, it is essential that you reach out to trustworthy manufacturers and installers of commercial aluminium glass doors and windows, commercial curtainwalls, and more. Com-Al Windows fits the description.


With over 52 years of experience in the commercial windows and glass industry, Com-Al Windows offer premium commercial doors, aluminium windows, and curtainwalls with a variety of glass choices. Based in Perth, Western Australia, it is important to note that all of the materials provided by Com-Al Windows are tested in premium Australian laboratories and are built according to Australian standards to perform best in and around Australia.

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