Why and When to Replace the Commercial Glass?

glass in commercial buildings

Glass has long been used to manufacture residential and commercial doors and windows. This is mainly due to its aesthetic appeal, the transparency it lends to houses and workplaces, and the control of the heat flow indoors. All of these make glass a suitable material not only for the construction of the doors and windows of our houses but those that are fitted in the offices and commercial spaces.

Commercial glass is something that is really in vogue today. The windows and doors of offices and commercial workplaces today, are mostly made out of commercial glass.

These glasses come in a wide range of forms like cyclonic glass, laminated glass, toughened glass, sound control, skylight, switchable and canopy glass, and more, with numerous options for customisations too with aluminium extrusions, etc. So, there’s a lot to worry about what to choose and why, but to avoid such hurdles, you can always go for Com-Al Windows. Based in Perth, Western Australia, Com-Al Windows is one of the most reputed manufacturers and installers of commercial glass, which also includes cyclonic glass for commercial windows and doors that are tested as per the Australian standards to perfectly suit the needs of your commercial doors and windows.


Now, if you are already having commercial glass added to your commercial doors and windows, then you should be glad for that. However, with that comes the burden of repairing and/or replacing these glasses. But why should you replace the commercial glass?

Now, this brings a new section about commercial glass for doors and windows and why they need to be replaced!


Why Should you Replace the Commercial Glass in Doors and


The commercial glasses fitted in windows and doors are mostly open to the exterior weather conditions, which are ever-changing, while the other side remains inside, in a controlled environment. Even those that are installed indoors are forever exposed to the daily use of staff and employees and regular wear and tear. Some of the major factors that cause wear and tear to commercial glass are:


  • Exposure to direct heat and changing exterior weather conditions
  • Low-quality materials in installation
  • Thermally inefficient glasses
  • Lack of proper maintenance of commercial windows and doors


All of the above-mentioned factors directly influence the commercial glass of doors and windows and limit their lifespan, thereby making them worthy of repair or be replaced. While only some of the problems can be fixed by repairing the glasses, to get rid of most of them, you need to replace them. It is important to replace the commercial glasses after it crosses a certain period or meets their longevity. Well-maintained or not, glass needs to be replaced when used for commercial doors and windows. Now if you are wondering why you need to replace the commercial glasses. Then here are some reasons why you should do that:


  • Glass interlayers can degrade over time.
  • Double Glazed Glass for commercial doors and windows can lose their thermal integrity.
  • Maintenance costs can increase over time.
  • Commercial glass coating technology improves over time.
  • Glass can be permanently scratched by the cleaning process.


Along with the aforementioned reasons, commercial glasses need to be replaced for numerous other factors too. This is why you always need to be on guard and check whether your already installed commercial glass is fit for use anymore.


Com-Al Windows, with its years of experience, can help you here as well if you are based out of Western Australia or any other part of the country.


Nonetheless, if you want to decide whether you need to replace your commercial glass, then the next section will help you with effective strategies to understand that replace your glass in due time.


When Should you Replace the Glass of your Commercial

Windows and Doors?


As we are now aware that commercial glasses of the doors and windows also need to be repaired/replaced if they cross a certain point of time, it is also important to know here when should we do that. So, if you are wondering how long you should wait before you change your commercial doors and windows, then here are some important things to note that will make your decision easy.


Visible Wear and Tear

After a certain point of time since the glasses have been exposed to severe changes in external weather and climatic conditions like heat, rain, condensation, hail, cyclones, and regular temperature differences, they began to show signs of visible damage. Scratched or broken glasses, warped frames, shrinking seals, gaskets etc, are some of the visible signs of wear and tear. If you have already started seeing these signs, then it’s wise to replace your commercial glass.


Decreasing Thermal Integrity

Glasses, after they are manufactured and installed when exposed to the weather, start to lose their thermal integrity. The U-factor of the commercial glass, which decide how well the glass insulates, also reduces with time, thereby decreasing the energy efficiency of the office/workplace as well. If you don’t want that, replacing the glass is the best choice you have!


Upgrading Purposes

Yes, you can always upgrade your commercial glass to one that is powered with low emissivity, double and triple silver coated that is newer in design, colour and would better suit your purpose, being more energy-efficient. So, this can definitely be a reason for you to replace your commercial glass.


Leaking Windows/Doors

Windows and doors are wonderful companions of your rooms and workplaces until they leak, thereby defying their own property of shielding the interiors. Leaking windows and doors would not only mean an increase in the electricity bills, but sound shielding, waterproofing, energy efficiency, and countless other things for which the doors and windows are counted, would also stand compromised that way. Therefore, as soon as you see leaking windows and doors, it is better to have the commercial glasses attached to the same, changed.

Com-Al Windows brings years of experience and an expert team to design, manufacture, and install commercial and cyclonic glasses for doors and windows, curtain walling systems, aluminum doors and windows, double glazing, auto doors, laminated toughened glass, revolving doors, and thermally broken window systems.

Fuelled by machine technology, and cutting-edge and innovative designs, Com-Al Windows in Perth will help you get the best out of your commercial doors and windows in Australia. It would also help you replace your old commercial glass and install newer ones in no time, which will all be tested to Australian conditions, and would come tailored to your requirements.

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